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STCs ex GST price $35.55

VEEC ex GST price $35.75

VEEC Return On Investment Disclaimer

We make the following disclaimers in reference to the Return on Investment Estimate (“Estimate”):

This is an estimate only, all calculations are an approximation and does not constitute financial advice.

This is of a general nature and is for illustrative purposes only.

GB Environmental Trading Pty Ltd “GBT” does not attend the site to undertake the Estimate, hence GBT is not in control of the information input into the Estimate.

This is based upon many inputs selected by you and you must review the inputs to ensure that they accurately reflect the products being installed and removed within the relevant areas.

This is provided subject to the acknowledgement that the person entering the inputs into the Estimate has the ability to affect the inputs on which the Estimate is based upon. The value of the government incentive is determined by the: postcode, operating hours, days and weeks, area type or building type selected for each lamp type, quantity of lamps before and after upgrade, existing lamp type and ballast combination, model number and brand of the new lamp(s), first and second control systems before and after upgrade and whether there is air conditioning in each area.

GBT takes no responsibility or liability for any inaccuracies that may occur in any of the calculations or any electricity price changes.

Payback is based on costs savings in energy usage derived from information related to the upgraded lighting products and the quoted Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (“VEECs”) value.

The VEET scheme is a market based mechanism and is therefore subject to price fluctuations.

The quoted estimate certificate value is valid for 30 days.

The VEEC calculations from this estimate are indicative only and will be subject to GBT validation. The Recycling Levy has a minimum cost $160 (excl. GST).

Post Installation Disclaimers/Installer Obligations:

I am the tenant / landlord / owner of the site at the above installation address.

The information provided by the installer is correct and complete.

I understand that in order to receive the government incentive, the upgraded lighting products must comply with AS 1680.

The Essential Services Commission has the right to inspect the upgraded lighting products with reasonable notice.

The VEECs can be revoked if the installer does not comply with the relevant government regulations and processes in pre and post installing procedures.

You understand that information in the assignment form will be provided to the Essential Services Commission for the purpose of creating VEECs under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007 (“the Act”) and for related verification, audit and scheme monitoring purposes.

You are aware that penalties can be applied for providing misleading information in the assignment form under the Act.

The decommissioned lighting was in working order at the time it was decommissioned.

You will also, as necessary, fully co-operate with GBT to resolve any errors or omissions associated with the VEEC assignment form. You will receive an identifiable benefit in exchange for assigning my right to create the VEECs for the above upgraded lighting products.

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