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Hello from the Greenbank Environmental team and welcome to our new blog.

We will be putting out short pieces every fortnight on energy/carbon related matters with a bent towards sustainability and the environment. The posts will be aimed at those who may have a potential personal and/or business interests in this area but are not necessarily across the detail.

Our aim primarily is to inform and build up the reader’s knowledge in this critical emerging space in posts that while stand alone, also form a coherent picture of the energy/carbon landscape.

We will start with the basics of energy/electricity, give you some facts, look at the various market based mechanisms around renewable energy and energy efficiency (Greenbank core business) and then launch into all matters relating to the carbon price and what it will mean for all of us to operate in a low carbon economy.

After the introduction of the carbon price in July this year, we will focus our posts on the key areas of innovation, technology, skills and community acceptance in the context of business opportunities in a low carbon economy.

We hope you enjoy our blog!

at 14 April 2014   by ben

Update on Review of Renewable Energy Target

The 2014 Review of the Renewable Energy Target has begun, with the Australian Government releasing an Issues Paper, and calling for submissions by 16 May. You can find the Issues Paper here: I would encourage every company to put in a submission. It doesn’t have to be a lot of work. It can be a […]

at 14 April 2014   by ben

RAA Media release – The Facts About Solar

To view the full media release click here A new information portal has been launched by the REC Agents Association (RAA), highlighting key facts about solar. RAA is a national industry body for companies that create and trade in renewable energy certificates. Some Key Solar Facts Australians invested more than $1.7 billion in solar PV […]

at 03 March 2014   by ben

Greenbank commits $100,000 to the ‘Save Solar Campaign’

We are pleased to inform you that Greenbank Environmental has committed $100,000 the the Australian Solar Council’s Save Solar, Save the Renewable Energy Target Campaign. The Renewable Energy Target is helping Australian families cut their power bills by installing solar. Already, it has helped 5 million Australians cut their power bills and has helped create […]

at 19 February 2014   by ben

MEDIA RELEASE – RAA report on impact of the Renewable Energy Target on power prices

The full report can be found here Small-scale renewable energy target zero cost to householders The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) will have a zero net cost impact on household power bills, according to an analysis released today by the REC Agents Association (RAA), a national industry body representing companies that trade in renewable energy certificates. […]

at 18 February 2014   by ben

Renewable Energy Target Review

The Australian Government has announced the start of the Review of the Renewable Energy Target. The Environment Minister and the Industry Minister jointly released the Terms of Reference for the RET Review, which you can find here: The Review will be undertaken by a four-member expert panel, headed by Dick Warburton, a former Member of […]

at 29 January 2014   by ben

Industry report – Impact of abolishing the Renewable Energy Target on jobs in the Australian solar industry

To read the full report please click here Summary In 2014, the solar PV industry is expected to employ some 12,300 Australians, across some 4,300 businesses. The solar hot water industry employs around 1,000 Australians. If the Renewable Energy Target (RET) is abolished – something the Australian Government is considering – up to 6,750 solar PV […]

at 21 January 2014   by ben

REC Agents Association briefing note – solar PV making a significant contribution

To read the full briefing note please click here. Victoria and South Australia have just gone through a week of very high temperatures and very high maximum electricity demand. There has been some debate as to what contribution if any solar PV has made. Our analysis shows that solar PV has made a significant contribution being responsible for […]

at 21 January 2014   by ben

Greenbank’s response to senate inquiry into Direct Action plan

To read the full response please click here. I write to you as the CEO and founder of Greenbank Environmental Pty Ltd (Greenbank), Australia’s largest independent certificate aggregator/trader in Australia, to provide our response to the Government’s Direct Action Plan. I was an inaugural board member of the BSCE (predecessor to the Clean Energy Council), and I recently […]