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STCs ex GST price $36.85 (0-3 day payment)

VEEC ex GST price $56.50

ESCs ex GST price $18.70

Software FAQs


How do I allocate an installer to this claim?

Through the portal, page 3. Install Details

Why won’t the panels scan through the phone app?

They may not have selected a panel model/brand through the portal on page 2. System Details

They could be in bad phone reception – the phone app struggles to operate in low reception, and we recommend they open the claim in the phone app before going onsite

Why can’t I see this on my phone app?

They likely haven’t allocated an installer through the portal on page 3. Install details

I submitted this last month but now it’s not in my submitted tab?

The submitted tab is filtered by month – they will need to update the filter to last month to see this

This claim won’t submit, what else do I need?

On the job list in the website portal, there is a “What’s left” button (far right column titles Actions) which will tell you what’s missing

The logos underneath the customer’s name in the job list go green once they have been completed so might be missing something here also

I submitted this one a few days ago but haven’t received payment yet?

Sometimes they haven’t submitted the claim yet and it might still be sitting in their “In progress” tab

It could be they have submitted it, but we need more information to process – check their submitted tab and there might be a verification note (in red) underneath the customer’s name with what additional information we require

I’ve added this but it’s not showing/the logos aren’t green

Sometimes you need to go in to edit the claim and save again to update to then submit

How do I create a job?

On the website portal, the left-hand border has “Jobs”. Click on this and then the dropdown option “Creates”

A pop-up will appear to enter the customer’s details

How do I add an installer

On the website portal, the left-hand border has “Installers”. Click on this and then the dropdown option “New”

This will take you to the “Add Installer” page to complete

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